My background is in contemporary visual art and design

During the last six years I have been exploring textiles as an alternative medium for my images and I currently work in both textiles (contemporary handstitched art panels) and works on paper. My current textile pieces are inspired by the dynamic and diverse Australian landscape, (in particular the desert regions) endeavoring to capture not only its beauty, but also its spirituality. In addition, when issues confront me enough I create panels which raise questions concerning the social, environmental and political pathways we, as a nation, are taking.

I use predominantly natural fibres (silks and cottons) as my base fabrics which I hand dye and paint to create the background on which to work. The cloth is then enriched with extensive hand stitching, both traditional and expressive, (often using hand dyed threads) to create an image with texture, movement, subtle changes in colour and indiscreet areas of detail for the eye to pause and investigate.

My work draws on the past and the present, across cultures, from deep within, images formulated from visual and spiritual experiences and thoughts, my brief connections with the diverse Australian landscape, and occasionally, statements on social, environmental or political issues. From the past, the technique of Kantha and Sujuni embroidery /quilting from the women of India and Bangladesh.

I use natural fibre (cloth and thread) as my medium for its inherent feeling of comfort (something in which to wrap oneself, to protect the body from the elements, for warmth, and for beauty) - in its development it becomes a creation from the lap, a maternal place of nurturing, warmth, comfort and compassion.

Whilst pursuing my personal art, I have a strong interest in ethnic needlework, its origins and techniques, and enjoy the opportunity of sharing this knowledge and conduct workshops which look at the techniques of Indian embroidery and embellishment, and Kantha embroidery from Bengal and Bangladesh.